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D'Jazz Music Indonesia Records

We are an Independent and local Jazz record label. We focus on cultivating young artists for our local music industry. We do collaborations with Artists on producing Records in digital and analog formats. For our products, we primarily produce Vinyl Records alongside our collaborators in the UK, Vinyl Factory but also we are diving to producing records on Reel-to-Reel Tape and Cassettes in house. We also produce events and recordings sessions with our sister company Reverend & Co. Studios. We also encourage D'Jazz Music School Students to produce and learn performing with us in our productions. 

We Produce

Dion Janapria Project.jpeg


Reel-to-Reel Tape

We produce tape records in-house with our own gear. We can Mix your records on tape as well and converted them to digital format in post-production. 

D'Jazz Music Indonesia x Beatluz.jpeg


Vinyl Records

We offer to press your records unto Vinyl with our collaborators overseas. We also offer to mix your records for Vinyl.  

D'Jazz Digital Audio Format.jpg


Digital Audio Format

We can track, mix, and master your records. We are proud users of Universal Audio Devices, and we will be using LUNA Recording System to process all mixes.

D.M.I. Records.jpg

Ongoing Projects

D.M.I. Records x Beatluz

First Collaboration with Barry Likumahuwa

We had the privilege and the opportunity to collaborate with Barry Likumahuwa and his label Beatluz in producing his latest record, Passion Purpose Integrity. Together we produced two new singles which is linked down below in Spotify. The final product is waiting to be announced soon!

We got nominated!

AMI Awards D.M.I. - 1.jpg

We are happy to announce that our collaborative work on Ode to Benny Liku, with Barry Likumahuwa and Beatluz records, has been nominated in the “Artis Jazz Terbaik” category in the 24th Anugrah Music Indonesia Awards 2021. This Single was recorded at our Reverend & Co. Studios by our production leader Danny Candra and Mastered by Dimas Pradipta, and produced by D.M.I. Records and Beatluz records. Make sure you check out this Single at our Spotify link above!

D'Jazz Music Indonesia Jazz Night

Jazz Night Episodes

Here is our live gig with D'Jazz Music School's Coaches. We provide the space for our Coaches to perform at Reverend & Co. Studios. Below are a few gigs we have produced for your enjoyment...

Jazz Night Season 2

Jazz Night Season 1

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