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D'Jazz Music School

Our Courses

Monthly Music Course

Weekly one-on-one private session with your selected coaches

Hobby course

Tailored made especially for aspiring students that don't want the hassle of regular evaluation in exam concert. It will still provide students with all the necessary tools to become a good performer with skills and creativity, but there are no levels in the hobby course.

Jazz Arranging & Composition

Learn all the practical aspects of arranging which focusing on jazz music related idioms. The goals are to arrange music for small band and to write lead sheets for various styles in jazz.

Short Intensive Course

1-day, 2-days, or 4-days private intensive class for all instruments and vocals.

Jazz Fundamental

All you need to know about jazz styles, chord progressions, and rhythm training on jazz and improvised music.

Studio Class

A Group Class that prioritizes interactive learning, focusing on ensemble playing, repertoire studies, style practice, improvisation techniques, listening sessions, and group sharing.

Swinging Toddlers

Let's learn music together! Available for kids ages 1 - 5.



Benny F. Sumarta - Piano Coach.jpg

Benny F. Sumarta

Piano Coach

Benny F. Sumarta is another senior coach in D'Jazz as he coaches a lot of students since D'Jazz first started. He is very experienced in teaching all ages.

Ramadhani Syah - Piano Coach

Dhani Syah

Piano Coach

Dhani is currently one of our best coaches. Having produced his own album, you can listen to his works on various digital platforms. He is skilled in guiding  those who wish to develop their talents in jazz piano. He teaches our monthly Regular and Hobby Courses.

Julian Marantika - Piano Coach

Julian (Joy) Marantika

Piano Coach

Julian Abraham Marantika is a jazz piano instructor with teaching experience more than 15 years. His areas of interest are in jazz performance, music theory, electroacoustic music, and synthesizer. He earned his Bachlelor’s Degree in Performance from Institut Musik Daya, and Master’s Degree in Penciptaan Seni from Institut Kesenian Jakarta. He is a former recipient of 4th JGTC Rising Stars Award 2010 also as a participant at 2018 Pekan Komponis Indonesia held by Dewan Kesenian Jakarta with electroacoustic composition ‘Terjaga’

Noah Gilrandy Revevalin - Piano Coach

Noah Revevalin

Piano Coach

Noah Revevalin obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Pelita Harapan University. In 2016 he won the Jazz Goes to Campus Award with his jazz trio Kriyamana, and 2018 as the finalist of MLD Jazz Wanted held in Surabaya, and selected as the pianist for the 4th season of MLD Jazz Project, further working on their album and toured on MLD Stage Bus Jazz Tour.


In 2021 he has collaborated with Rani Jambak from Sumatera to perform an experimental music duo held  at Goethe-Institut's Alur Bunyi. Noah also participated with Jason Mountario, Agam Hamzah for 2021-2022 Salihara JazzBuzz respectively. As an arranger, he had worked with Wishnu Dewanta for several musicals, most notably 2022 Sherina the Musical and Cek Toko Sebelah.

Almira Joesoef - Piano & Vocal Coach.png

Almira Joesoef

Piano & Vocal Coach

Almira is a singer-songwriter, vocal and piano coach. She was living in Los Angeles, California when she started her music journey. She graduated from Universitas Pelita Harapan Conservatory of Music and took the piano as her main instrument. Music has always been a part of her life, and she dare to share this magic with her student. She teaches our Monthly Regular Course and Hobby Course.

Tessa Prianka - Vocal & Piano Coach

Tessa Prianka

Piano & Vocal Coach

Tessa Prianka embarked on her vocal education journey at Elfa's Music School and continued her musical pursuits at the Universitas Pelita Harapan Conservatory of Music, guided by mentors such as Ivonne Atmojo, Indra Aziz, and Delima Simamora. Notably, she and her ensemble secured a coveted spot among the top five finalists in the prestigious MLD Jazz Project.

Since 2017, Tessa has been an active contributor to Laring Kolektif, a dynamic space dedicated to sound-based artistic creation and interdisciplinary collaboration. Her artistic endeavors have graced various events, including the esteemed Pekan Komponis Indonesia, Solo International Gamelan Festival, Djakarta Theater Platform, Musim Seni Salihara, Hibah Seni Kelola, and the distinguished Dharma Seni Untuk Negeri at Gedung Cak Durasim Surabaya. She has also made impactful contributions to national cultural events such as Pekan Kebudayaan Nasional and showcased her talent in the short opera film "BANE," a Laring Kolektif production, where she not only performed but also served as an assistant composer. Most recently, she showcased her artistry at the Southeast Asian Golden Age Symphony in Singapore.

Tessa has further enriched her musical journey by participating in the Indonesia Bertutur program, assuming the role of an assistant composer for Ruwatan Bumi. Beyond this, she has demonstrated her versatility by serving as a vocal director for acclaimed productions by Netflix, Disney, and various commercial TV networks.

Amelia Juanita Mulijana - Vocal Coach

Amelia Juanita

Piano & Vocal Coach

Amel is a music teacher, a part-time music teacher in music schools. She has over the years experience as a Music and Vocal Teacher. Have a solid background in Bachelor 1 in Music Art, and Post Graduate in Educational Science at Pelita Harapan University. She teaches our monthly Regular and Hobby Course.

Yasinta Haris - Vocal Coach

Yasinta Haris

Piano & Vocal Coach

Yasinta Haris graduated from Jazz and Pop Vocal Performance in the Conservatory of Music Pelita Harapan University. She had studied under with Sarita Wurangian, Cassia Agata, and Josephine Polim.


In 2015 she joined a female acapella group Voxcom. In 2017 they won 2 gold medals and were qualified for grand prix in Acapella category in Bali International Choir Festival 2017 & 2018. The group also won the International Category of The A Cappella Championships Singapore 2019. They had released cover singles and a Christmas EP on digital streaming platforms. As a singer songwriter, Yasinta Haris released her single “Rasa” in 2022. She is currently teaching at UPH Conservatory of Music vocal department while pursuing her Master Degree in Educational Technology.

Diana - Piano & Vocal Coach

Diana Sutradewi

Piano & Vocal Coach

Diana Sutradewi started her passion in singing at the age of 12 as a vocalist on a band, choir and orchestra.

She then pursue her singing journey by taking Vocal Contemporary on Pelita Harapan University, and graduated on 2013 under the vocal guidance of Ivonne Atmojo, Delima Simamora, Indra Aziz, Andrea Miranda & Cassia Agata makes her vocal technique versatile on singing Jazz, Classical Opera, Musical Theatre and Pop.


Dion Janapria - Guitar Coach_edited.jpg

Dion Janapria

Guitar Coach

Dion Janapria is a jazz guitarist and educator, with 20 years experiences in both higher education and nonformal education on jazz guitar, jazz history, and jazz improvisation. Graduated from Hogeschool Voor De Kunsten Utrecht for Music and Arts Education in The Netherlands, and post-graduate at Institut Kesenian Jakarta for Urban Arts & Culture, in 2017 he was the head editor Anthology of Indonesian Music – Jazz & Popular Music commisioned by Jakarta Arts Council.

As an accomplished guitarist he worked as a soloist and sideman with local and international jazz musicians at over 500 festivals and concerts, aside from his wide array of session works in jazz, popular music and films. Now he teaches jazz guitar on our Monthly Regular and Hobby Courses, including special courses Jazz Fundamental Theory, and Jazz Ensemble.

Maximus Willy - Guitar Coach_edited.jpg

Maximus Willy

Guitar Coach

Maximus Willy started as a music lover and guitar player, was strongly influenced by jazz, soul, funk, rock, and electronic music.
He has been a professional guitar teacher since 2007 with over 15 years of experience, helping hundreds of students improve their musical skills with good fundamentals and technique.
As an active musician, he plays both acoustic and electric guitar for live & recording sessions, as well as production & collaboration projects.

Misi Lesar - Guitar Coach

Misi Lesar

Guitar Coach

Misi Lesar attended Conservatory of Music UPH to major in Jazz Performance and graduated in 2016. She studied with the best jazz guitarists in Indonesia, such as Dion Janapria, Robert Mulyarahardja and Johanes Radianto. At the beginning of 2017, she formed and lead her own groups/duo “Dua Empat”. Three of their previous albums: Two Of A Kind (2017), Swinging Down The Chimney (2017) and Head In The Clouds (2021) received a tremendous enthusiasm and has ever since opened their chances to get to know and collaborate with plenty of national and international calibre musicians.

She has played in several jazz festivals in Indonesia and Asia, such as: Singapore Jazz Festival, Java Jazz Festival, Jazz Gunung, Ubud Jazz, Ngayog Jazz, Joey Alexander Asia Tour to name a few.

Alvin Ghazalie - Guitar Coach.jpeg

Alvin Ghazalie

Guitar Coach

Alvin is a graduate of UPH Conservatory of Music and has already produced some albums. As a jazz guitarist who has a lot of performance experience, Alvin is known as the co-leader of DuaEmpat. He teaches our monthly Regular and Hobby Courses.

Barry Likumahuwa - Bass Coach.jpeg

Barry Likumahuwa

Bass Coach

Award winning bass player Barry Likumahuwa is heavily influenced by funk & jazz, his musical horison spanning from Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller to Jamie Cullum, Pharrell Williams & John Mayer. As a bandleader and Indonesia’s leading bass player, his approach to music is highly spontaneous and intuitive.

Barry has performed with Glenn Fredly, Erwin Gutawa, Candra Darusman, Fariz RM, Dewa Budjana, as well as international artist Kirk Whalum, Jeff Lorber, Everette Harp, Mike Stern, Jeremy Monteiro, and Jesus Molina to name a few. He is now based in Jakarta as producer, arranger, music director, and educator.


Hanif Abdurrahman Aziz

Guitar Coach

Hanif Abdurrahman Aziz is a guitarist, who just finished his Bachelor studies in Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, the Netherlands. With the help from the school, Hanif has been awarded a scholarship which helped him to advance in his studies and later finished the Jazz Bachelor program. While undergoing Jazz studies, Hanif had taken lessons from guitarists such as Frank Wingold, Winfred Buma, Paul Bollenback, Sheryl Bailey, and Freddie Bryant.

During his stay in the Netherlands, Hanif has performed in different festivals and gigs in the Netherlands as well as Belgium. In Groningen, he found himself a regular job as Hanif was playing every week in a local cafe with his quartet which has helped him develop his playing. Along with several local gigs that he took, he performed in an orchestra which was conducted by Miho Hazama along with soloist Mark Gross.

Before his studies in the Netherlands, Hanif was introduced to classical guitar while attending Music Vocational High School in Jakarta, and later studied Jazz and Pop music for a year in Daya Indonesia Performing Arts Academy.

Jason Gabriel Mountario - Bass Coach

Jason Mountario

Bass Coach

An independent musician focused as a composer, electric bass player and mixing engineer. Acquiring a wide variety of professional experiences, encompassing jazz, rock, singer-songwriter and contemporary music. Passionate about teaching and spreading knowledge. Committed to adapt and involve with a new working environment.


Dave Nathanael Rimba - Drums Coach.jpeg

Dave Rimba

Drums Coach

Having many experiences playing in Thailand and Kuala Lumpur, Dave's career in the Jazz world can’t be underestimated. He also holds a music degree from Pelita Harapan University Conservatory of Music. He teaches our monthly Regular and Hobby Courses.

Simson Jr.jpg

Simson Jr. Gunaedi

Drums & Percussion Coach

Coming from a Gospel Background, Simson Coaches our young ones how to drum. He specialises in coaching younger students who are interested in drums and percussion.

Iwan Paul - Drums Coach.jpeg

Iwan Paul

Drums Coach

Iwan Paul graduated from Sjuman School of Music majoring in drums and composition.  As a professional drummer and musician, he has played in various bands and orchestras. He teaches our monthly Regular and Hobby Courses.

Elfa Zulham Warongan - Drums Coach.jpeg

Elfa Zulham

Drums Coach

Elfa Zulham (EZ) is a jazz drummer, music producer and educator based in Jakarta City. EZ began his study for Jazz & Contemporary Music at the Prins Claus Conservatorium, Groningen, The Netherlands. Also a year of exchange studies at the University of The Arts, Philadelphia back in 2009.

He teaches our monthly Regular and Hobby Courses.

Eliezer Robbynatta Suwanto - Drums Coach

Eliezer Robbynatta

Drums Coach

Eliezer Robby is known for his vast studio session work, and a working drummer for Indro Hardjodikoro Project and Ahmad Dhani Electric Band. As a jazz sessionist, he has performed with his fellow musicians  at a number of local music events and also Jazz Festivals across Indonesia such as Jazz Gunung, Ngayogjazz, Loenpia Jazz, Ubud Village Jazz Festival, Jazz Goes to Campus, and Java Jazz Festival.

Robby started his musical training at Yamaha Music, and holds a bachelor degree in Jazz and Pop Performance, at  Pelita Harapan University’s Conservatory of Music, Tangerang. Informally Robby has studied from various drummer namely Hentriesa, Sandy Winarta, and Cendi Luntungan.


M. Chairul Umam - Wind Section Coach; Saxophone.jpeg

Hairul Umam

Wind Section Coach

Hairul is a Saxophonist and P-Mauriat endorder who has performed all over Local or Internasional Festival

Rayner (Edited).png

Rainer James

Wind Section Coach

Rainer James graduated from the Conservatory of Music at Pelita Harapan University, specialising in Jazz and pop Performance. As a young saxophonist, he has much experience and has played with Indra Lesmana, Sri Hanuraga, Barry Likumahuwa and Dira Sugandi, among others.

In 2022, Rainer became the first winner of the UPH National Jazz Competition with the band Panacea and the second winner with Guernica, the band he formed in 2019. Now, he teaches as a saxophone coach at UPH and D'Jazz Music School, Jakarta.

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