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Welcome to
D'Jazz Music School

Here you will learn everything about the musical genre of Jazz. We offer a wide range of courses for you to choose from and if you are interested on any of the courses we offer please contact us.

Courses We Offer

Intensive Course

1-day, 2-days, or 4-days private intensive course for all instruments and vocals

Monthly Music Courses

weekly one-on-one private session with your selected coaches.

Special Courses

three months private classes in jazz composition, jazz improvisation, jazz arranging and theory

Preparation Course

three or twelve-months foundational course for students who wishes to continue their education in music

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Why Learn Jazz?

If you want to express yourself freely through music and become a unique musician, we think Jazz is for you. Learning jazz will help you become a more proficient musician, expand your harmonic knowledge, and be confident with your musical ideas. The complexity of the music will help spark plenty of ideas and make you become a better musician overall. We want your voice to be heard, so grab your instrument and let's learn together!

Why Study With Us?

Here at D'Jazz Music School we believe that education inspire excellence, and we take pride in facilitating the best resources for all Coaches and Students for their learning needs. We provide various music courses for you to choose from and you will be coached alongside highly qualified musicians and educators. Your learning experience will not be limited to your classes because we encourage all students to  participate in our ever-growing community of creative musicians and content creators. Check out all our courses above!

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Our Campus Facilities 

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