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Price Starting From

Rp. 3,650,000


Package inludes

  1. Live Room Only

  2. Instruments* (Choose your Tier)

  3. Microphones*

  4. PA System*

  5. Carpets

  6. Seating for 5-10 People*

  7. Ambient Lights*

  8. In-House Studio Crew(s)

  9. Coupons to spend at Elowen Cafe*

  10. Minimum of 3-Hours of Use*

  11. Student Discount*


Price Starting From

Rp. 5,500,000


Package inludes

  1. Live Room & Control Room

  2. Instruments* (Choose your Tier)

  3. Microphones*

  4. Recording Gears*

  5. Choice of DAWs*

  6. Ambient Lights*

  7. Tracking Engineer*

  8. In-House Studio Crew(s) & Media Team

  9. Pantry Facilities

  10. Coupons to spend at Elowen Cafe*

  11. 6-Hours of Use*


Price Starting From

Rp. 10,000,000


Package inludes

  1. Auditorium Room & Balcony & Foyer

  2. Seating for 50 people*

  3. Instruments*(Choose your Tier)

  4. Microphones*

  5. Stage & Ambient Lighting

  6. Front of House System*

  7. Production Team*

  8. Green Room & Pantry*

  9. Backstage Access

  10. 6-Hours of Use*


Rp. 3,000,000

per song*



Rp. 500,000

per additional revision


Rp. 500,000

for alternate version mix

(clean, radio edit, English/Indo, etc)

Rp. 500,000

mixed stem per 10 mixed stems

*includes 2x complimentary revisions, includes instrumental, minus one and accapella mix


Rp. 1,000,000

per song



Rp. 250,000​

for alternate master

(instrumental, minus one, etc)

  • An extra 50% Deposit is required for Damage Insurance and will be COMPLETELY refunded to you if there are no damage to the rented Venue, Instruments, and Equipment.

  • For the Event Hire Venue payments is 14-days before.

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