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Reverend & Co. Studios

Brewing one record at a time while sipping a warm cup of coffee...

This is D'Jazz Music Indonesia's independent Recording Studio and Production House. Currently we offer Live and Studio Tracking Sessions for you! 

We work closely with our friends at SOHO Sonics, London for Mixing and Mastering. Our studio is under the management of D'Jazz Music Indonesia. Please  have a browse through our pages!

Record With Us

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Reel-to-Reel Tape

We produce tape records in-house with our own gear. We can Mix your records on tape as well and converted them to digital format in post-production. 

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Vinyl Records

We offer to press your records unto Vinyl with our collaborators overseas. We also offer to mix your records for Vinyl.  

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Digital Audio Format

We can track, mix, and master your records. We are proud users of Universal Audio Devices, and we will be using LUNA Recording System to process all mixes.

Our Collaborators

TEN87 Studios


Three Chords Analog Eqpt., Co.

D'Jazz Music Indonesia

Great Wave Studios

The Vinyl Factory

Kotaro Production

Reverend & Co. Team

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Danny Candra

Music & Audio Production Leader


Taro Jonathan

Photography, Videography, and Film Making

Studio Inventory

A Few of Our Works

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