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We want to create a harmonious world where people are excited to explore, empowered to produce, and cultivate musical work. We want to focus on driving education to inspire excellence amongst musicians and build a sustainable music hub.

As an education institution, our mision is to create a sustainable music hub that provides:

  • Music education through integrated programmes to empower aspiring and professional musicians in optimising their talents and becoming independent-minded, creative musicians.

  • State-of-the-art music facilities for musicians to collaborate, stimulate creativity and produce musical work.

  • High-quality events that educate, entertain, and strengthen the bond of the community.

The core value of the company for the past decade is Education to inspire Excellence. Driven by this value, D'Jazz will continue to focus on its mission to empower creative, and independent-minded musicians who are open for collaborations, productive, and willing to contribute back to the community.

Our Team

Danny Candra


Linda Kartawinata

Finance Manager

Agustina Kiki

Admissions Team

Steven Adichandra

Media Team

Sheila Tiurma

Public Relations

Dion Janapria

Events Coordinator

Meti Kristian

Admissions Team

Evan Golist

Media Team

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